About the Book A true 360-degree approach towards debt reduction.

Appropriate for the times, this book was announced on the winter solstice of 2020 the darkest and shortest day of the year. As with any struggle, even in the darkest of times, things will only get better. But, naturally, there will be some unexpected times of gloom, and darker days always emerge. By being prepared, you can help reduce or eliminate unexpected impacts.

Debt Triggers

Identify debt triggers, and to help reduce or eliminate existing or potential influences.

Cost Savings

Identify potential cost savings.

Create Passive Income

Identify potential investment opportunities to create passive income.

Job Search Advice

Assist with active or passive job searches (preferably, while you are still employed).

Adding Value at Your Existing Job

Optimize your overall value/reputation at your existing job (i.e. having an intrapreneur/‘ideas person’ mentality, becoming a subject-matter expert in various areas, etc.)

Entrepreneurial Guidance

Provide entrepreneurial guidance to help you create redundant (multiple) external income sources for financial security.

Financial Tools and Processes

Introduce new tools and procedures to help you create and manage a budget, and other financial interests.

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Curtis Carmichael Author

My Former Situation Was Like Many Others

In my younger years post-college, like many others starting in the ‘real world’, I ended up becoming in debt with no end in sight.

The cycle usually begins with a low-paying, entry-level job (due to less experience), and expensive monthly utility bills, student loans, car payments, and any other bills one has. For me, that also included credit card payments, and a bank loan.

Many struggle to stay ‘above water’, including myself. It was not until much later that I was able to make substantial, lasting improvements to pay off debt.

I took pride in managing my debt, and I owned my situation. I understood that in time, things would improve. I also knew that once my debt was under control, I could start saving money, and make retirement and other investment contributions.

Even though I felt I had it bad, I know that many others were in a worse situation. Debt issues come at any age. Some might come into debt when they need to care for a family member, pay off an estate, start over after a divorce, experience health issues with costs not covered (or fully covered) by insurance, needing to pay for expenses with their kids, etc. It may also entail paying off costs from an unsuccessful business, unexpected costs such as needing to repair a leaking roof or replace a furnace or water heater. The possibilities of debt are endless – some that we can control, and others that we cannot.

Today, after years of perseverance and focus, I now have a positive net worth, and have minimal debt outside of a mortgage and student loans. This was not an easy achievement, and it still requires self-discipline to control.

I will never forget my prior situation, and I want to help others with their financial struggles. Becoming debt free will not be easy, but my hope is that by reading (or referencing parts of this book), that you can get there faster.

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